Many Artist worldwide trust and believe in the brand Eternal Ink – justly, these inks belong to the most known inks on the market. To ensure the best results possible, experts from all around the globe get together to work on these magnificent inks. A trusted process, then and now. The founder of the company, Terry Welker is and has been a tattoo artist for many years. He saw the need for high quality tattoo pigments with lots of variations in the early days of the art. What started in his own shop involves many trained professionals today, the manufacturing of the high quality Eternal tattoo ink as we know it today. To this day the brand works with many well known artists to ensure that the need of every tattoo artist out there is covered.

With Eternal tattoo inks you will profit from color brilliance and security
The Eternal tattoo ink is produced under strict hygienic conditions. Before opening a color up for the masses a the inks are tested by a small circle of selected artists worldwide. Only if their feedback is positive and satisfactory the inks are produced and launched for purchase on the market. Many different factors like: performance, reliability, light stability, appearance, consistency and of course skin tolerance, are considered in this process. No matter what Eternal Ink color you are looking at you can always be assured that Eternal-inks are vegan and tested to be free from CMR substances, preservatives and heavy metals.

Eternal is more than just a tattoo ink
Eternal inks are known to always look like freshly done, even after years of being inside the skin. Aside from a large variety of standard colors, you can also chose from special Eternal sets and signature series’s. With the sets by Eternal Ink you will always receive a color harmonized set from zombie inks down to muted earth tones. The wiede variety of diverse color series's, developed by nameful artists contains the inks that you are looking for, guaranteed.